Zeph was created with the goal to empower people to achieve wellness using natural plant-based compounds. Our products are made for a new generation of consumers that value simplicity and recognize the power of science.

Created in 2019, Zeph was originally founded by Futurum Capital in its program of creation and development of startup focused on tech solutions, Futurum Studio. Since then, we have teamed up with medical specialists, including Dr. Muhammed Kahn, our co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, who is a medical specialist in vitamin and nutritional and reference in use of cannabis as a health treatment.

From this partnership, Zeph was born, which makes its entry into the wellness market with vitamin strips, formulated with 100% natural and scientifically proven components, to bring out the best of ourselves.

Seeking to improve our products with the most advanced in the market and increase the life quality of our customers, a second generation of products formulated from a combination of vitamins and CBD/THC is being developed by our specialists, and in will soon be available to our customers. All this safely, with scientifically tested and proven methods.

Dr Muhammad Khan, M.D.

• Board certified internal medicine physician
• Certified for Medical cannabis in the state of Florida
• Member of American Association of anti-aging medicine
• Specialist in nutrition and vitamins

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